Lab Members

Dr. Tiwei Wei

Principal Investigator ( Postdoc @ Stanford, 2022; PhD @ IMEC 2020)

Dr. Ainur Sabirova

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (PhD @ KAUST, 2021)

Dr. Ketan Yogi

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Postdoc @ Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Bombay, 2023)

Shuhang Lyu

PhD Student (M.S. @ Tsinghua University, 2022; B.S. @ North China Electric Power University)

Yubo Song

PhD Student (B.S. @ Purdue University, 2023)

Keyu Wang

PhD Student (M.S @ Duke University 2022; B.S. @ Nankai University)

Feifan Xie

PhD Student (B.S. @ Zhejiang University + UIUC; Visiting student @Johns Hopkins University)

Akshat Patel

Master Student (Research intern @ Space Applications Centre, 2023; B. Tech @ ITNU)


Jaiveer Singh Brar Fall 2022 Microbump electroplating for advanced packaging N/A
Chi-Yao Chan Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Surface enhancement of impingement jet cooling N/A
Aksh Iyer Spring 2023 Microelectronics packaging: Nano Vias for Future 3D Memory-on-logic architecture N/A
Michael Kurtz Spring 2023 Nanoscale Through silicon via (TSV) and Backsdie power delveiry network (BSPDN) Thermal Analysis N/A
Shresth Mathur Spring 2023 Semiconductor Chip & 3D Package Manufacturing Process with Focus on Hybrid Bonding N/A
Andrew Modin Spring 2023 Thermal Analysis for High-Performance 2.5D Interposer Packages
Aidan Powers Spring 2023 Nano TSV Multiscale Modeling Master student @Purdue
Thummuru Keerthi Krishna Reddy Spring 2023 Two-Phase Flow loop system design and assembly N/A
Kiet Anh Tran


Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Electroplating of copper inverse opal (CIO) N/A
Lavinia Barker (Rice)


Summer 2023   SCALE Heterogeneous Integration/ Advanced Packaging: Self-alignment Technology for 3D System Integration  N/A
Yubo Song (Purdue) SURF Flow visualization system design and experimental PhD student @Purdue
Krishnan, Antariksh Ratna (GT) Summer 2023  SCALE Heterogeneous Integration/ Advanced Packaging: 3D Cryogenic Packaging for Superconducting Computing  N/A
Modin, Andrew Evan (Purdue) Summer 2023 SCALE Heterogeneous Integration/ Advanced Packaging: Simulations of Electroplating for Heterogeneous Integration  Best Poster Presentation Award (5/300)


Kwon, Ohik (Iowa State University) Summer 2023 Backside power delivery electrical modeling N/A
Stephens, Cole Bradford Fall 2023 SCLAE 3D Printed Porous Structure For Mircrobump Bonding Best Poster Presentation Award (3/30)
Jaiveer Singh Brar Fall 2023 SCALE: Thermal Modeling Analysis in Advanced Back-end-of-line (BEOL) Structures with Different Interconnect/barrier Configurations Best Poster Presentation Award (3/30)

Undergraduate Researcher

Quan, Ian Xin Spring 2024 Permeabiloty and Bursting pressure test
Thorson, Nathan Jon Spring 2024 Intel
Payne, Andrew David Spring 2024 Glass packaging cooling
Prakash, Tarun Spring 2024 Glass embedded package electrical design
Trivedi, Yash Vijay Spring 2024 ANSYS Fluent and thermal Mechanical Simulations for Fluid Flow, Thermal, and Electrical projects. Glass cooling for RF pacakge
Pulver, Benjamin Edward Spring 2024 Crogenic CFD modelingcooling using microchannel or jet cooling PhD @Purdue
Sun, Qiancheng Spring 2024 APR-E reliability modeling
Suresh, Sharan Vishnu Spring 2024 Multi-chip cooling
Fang, Peichen Spring 2024 Hotspots cooling
Jadallah, Albaraa Khaled Spring 2024 Two-phase flow loop software development
Lam, Alexander Hanson Spring 2024 Two-phase cooling
Rzendzian, Erek Michael Spring 2024 Spray jet cooling design