Dr. Ketan Yogi

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Postdoc @ Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Bombay, 2023)

Dr. Ketan Yogi is postdoctoral research scholar at Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Purdue University, he worked as post-doctoral research fellow in Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Bombay, INDIA from 2022 to 2023. He was working on the heat transfer with the combination of jet impingement and periodic metal foam using IR thermography for electronics cooling application. He received his Ph.D. degree in mechanical thermal engineering from IIT Bombay in 2023. He joined IIT Bombay in 2017, staring the Ph.D. research on jet impingement heat transfer with porous metal foam. Previously, he served as an assistant professor in Gujarat Technological University (GTU), INDIA from 2016 to 2017. His current research interests lie in thermal management, gas turbine blade cooling, jet impingement, porous media, two phase flow and refrigeration. Currently, he is working on development of a chip-level direct two-phase impingement jet cooling solution to enhance the overall thermal performance while reducing pumping power. Besides research, Yogi enjoys reading mystery books, playing and watching cricket, swimming, playing lawn tennis, and traveling.