Prospective Students

Our laboratory has exciting opportunities available for driven individuals in the fields of microelectronics, advanced semiconductor packaging, efficient thermal materials, and thermal packaging cooling. We’re offering positions for PhD candidates, Postdoctoral researchers, and visiting scholars who are eager to contribute to these innovative areas.


Here’s a breakdown of the openings:

  1. PhD and Postdoc Positions: Project: “Advancing Semiconductor Device Packaging through Materials, Processing, and Architecture Development” Requirements: Applicants should have a strong foundation in semiconductor device fabrication techniques like lithography, DRIE, PVD, CVD, ALD, Cu ECD, and CMP, as well as experience in wafer thinning and temporary bonding. Proficiency in advanced electronic packaging technologies such as through silicon via (TSV), Cu/SiO2 hybrid bonding, through glass via (TGV), RDL and microbump is highly valued. Additionally, expertise in micro/nano fabrications and hands-on experience in clean rooms is essential.
  2. PhD and Postdoc Roles: Project: “Thermal and Thermomechanical Reliability in Electronic Devices including FEOL, BEOL Metal Interconnects, and Advanced Packaging” Requirements: Candidates with a background in semiconductor fabrication processes and advanced electronic packaging fabrications technologies are sought. Proficiency in thermal simulations (Monte Carlo BTE, FEM and Molecular dynamics) and a deep understanding of microscale and nanoscale heat transfer, as well as heat and mass transfer theory, are important for this role.
  3. PhD Opportunities: Project: “Innovative Microscale Cooling Techniques for Electronic Packaging” Requirements: Applicants should have expertise in numerical modeling (CFD, FEM) and hands-on experience in experimental characterization of cooling methods such as single/two-phase microjet impingement cooling, microchannel cooling with surface engineering enhancement and phase separations techniques. Practical experience with micro/nano fabrications in clean room environments is crucial.
  4. Lillian Gilbreth Postdoctoral Fellowships at Purdue Engineering: Project: “Utilizing AI and Physics for the Design and Fabrication of Targeted Microjet Cooling in High-Performance Computation Systems” Supervision: Collaborate with Prof. Guang Lin. Details: This fellowship involves leveraging AI-driven design principles and physics insights to create microjet cooling solutions specifically tailored for high-performance computation systems. Further details are available at link to fellowship proposal. 

If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the google forms: