Featured Publications

Wei, T. W., Lin, Z., Asheghi, M., & Goodson, K. E*., Micro-channel Cooling Technique to Minimize Thermal Deformation of the X-ray and High-power Laser Optics, International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI) 2022.

Wei, T. W.*, Hazra, S., Asheghi, M., & Goodson, K. E. Numerical Study of Large Footprint (24 X 24mm2) Silicon-Based Embedded Microchannel-3D Manifold Coolers. Journal of Electronic Packaging 2022.

Wei, T. W.*, Oprins, H., et al., Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Correlations for Direct on-Chip Microscale jet impingement Cooling with Alternating Feeding and Draining Jets, Int. J. Heat Mass Transf, 2021, Volume 182, 121865.

Featured News

Prof. Wei delivered Tutorial for IEEE REPP: Thermal Challenges For Heterogeneous Integration Packaging

We thank you for registering for our tutorial, “Thermal Challenges for Heterogeneous Integration Packaging”.  It included these two talks: “Cooler Material Reliability Considerations for Bare Die Impingement Cooling in Package” (24:41), Prof. Tiwei Wei, ME Department, Purdue University; and “Development of a High Heat Flux and Ultra-low Thermal Resistance Microcooler” (32:58), Dr. Mehdi Asheghi, ME […]

Presenting Our Work at ASME InterPACK2023!

Dr. Wei, Keyu, and Shuhang travelled to the beautiful San Diego city this week for presenting our work at ASME InterPACK2023! Shuhang’s presentation on two-phase impingement cooling with pin-fin surface enhancement together with Qianying from Stanford nanoheat Keyu’s talk on CIO-assisted microbump bonding for advanced packaging