S-PACK Team Showcases Groundbreaking Cooling Technology at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2024

Dallas, TX – [May 24, 2024]

The S-PACK research lab at Purdue, in collaboration with Cooling Technologies Research Center, SEGUENTE, and Binghamton University, proudly showcased our latest innovation in cooling technology at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2024. The highlight of the event was the visit from the Honorable ARPA-E Director, Dr. Evelyn Wang, who was thoroughly impressed by the advanced jet impingement two-phase direct-on-chip cooling technology demonstrated at our booth.

Dr. Wang’s visit underscored the significance of our work in developing energy-efficient solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) data centers. This cutting-edge cooling technology aims to revolutionize data center cooling by providing a sustainable and efficient solution that meets the growing demands of the industry.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to present our innovative cooling solutions to Dr. Evelyn Wang and other attendees at the summit,” said Dr. Tiwei Wei, Assistant Professor at Purdue University. “Our team’s dedication and collaboration with SEGUENTE and Binghamton University have been instrumental in advancing this technology.”

The event, held in Dallas, Texas, saw a remarkable turnout, with our booth attracting significant attention from industry experts, researchers, and potential collaborators. The technology displayed included a live demo of the novel direct-to-chip two-phase jet impingement cooling systems, which offer superior thermal management and energy efficiency compared to traditional cooling methods.

The Purdue University booth, located at Booth 311, showcased the seamless teamwork and expertise of our research members, including Dr. Justin A. Weibel, Dr. Ryan Enright, Dr. Scott Schiffres, Dr. Srikanth Rangarajan, Dr. Bahgat Sammakia, Dr. Raffaele Luca Amalfi, Dr. Ketan Yogi, and Yubo Song. We extend our gratitude to our student members, Yogi and Yubo, who played a crucial role in setting up and managing the booth.

We also acknowledge the invaluable mentorship and support from our Program Director Dr. Peter De Bock and Dr. Jungho Kim. Their guidance has been pivotal in driving our project forward.

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