Prof. Wei delivered a 2-hour short course at NSF POETS Center

The short course was great – we had 59 ppl logged in and learning from Tiwei!



Course Summary:  Thermal management directly impacts the cost, performance, and reliability of the electronic/electrical components and systems in wide ranging applications including computing, communications, defense systems etc.  The electrification of transportation is one of the important technology pathways for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and curb the related CO2 emission.  The reliability and performance of the electric powertrains and battery systems, the two most important components of an electric vehicle, both heavily dependent on efficient and effective thermal management technology and strategies.

The course outcome will include but not limited to a better understanding of basic heat transfer with a focus on power electronics packaging system design.  The course is designed to cover enough breadth and depth so that it is relevant both for students, and professionals working in academia and industry. It may also help facilitate cross-pollination of ideas and create some opportunities for more collaboration among the POETS community.



  • Session 3 (June 27) – Thermal Management of Power Electronics – Adj. Prof. Mehdi Asheghi (Stanford) and Dr. Man Prakash Gupta (Ford)
    • “A perspective on power electronics cooling: current status and new pathways”, Dr. Man Prakash Gupta; 1:00p CDT
    • “Thermal management of power electronics: packaging and liquid cooling (Updated)”, Adj. Prof. Mehdi Ashegi; 1:50 CDT
  • Session 4 (July 27) – Two-Phase Cooling Fundamentals – Prof. Nenad Miljkovic (Illinois) and Prof. David Huitink (Arkansas)
    • “Two-phase flow cooling fundamentals and applications” Prof. Miljkovic – 60 min; 1:00p CDT
    • “Considerations for thermal and reliability performance of cooling solutions utilizing Phase-Change Materials” Prof. Huitink – 60 min; 2:00p CDT



Prior Sessions

  • Session 1 (May 2nd) – Overview and Introduction to Short Course – 90 min
    • Introduction – Adj. Prof. Mehdi Asheghi (Stanford)
    • Basics of Heat Transfer in Electronics Packaging – Prof. Tiwei Wei (Purdue)
    • Micro to Macroscale Two-Phase Metrology Techniques – Prof. Nenad Miljkovic (Illinois)
    • Thermal Management – Embedded Single-Phase Liquid and Two-Phase Cooling – Adjunct Prof. Mehdi Asheghi (Stanford)
    • Reliability Driven by Thermal Interactions – Prof. David Huitink (Arkansas)
  • Session 2 (May 30) – Heat Transfer in Electronics Packaging  – Prof. Tiwei Wei (Purdue)
    • Heat Conduction – 60 min; 1:00p CDT
    • Heat Convection – 60 min; 2:00p CDT